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An interview not only allows you to learn more about the school, it also gives the school the opportunity to understand your own motivations. 

Depending on the school, interviews can be formal or informal and could last anywhere from 15 minutes to half a day. The interviewer could be an admissions officer, current student, past alumnus, or faculty member. Of course, interview style may vary as well – panel of interviewers, multiple mini-interviews, or virtually. 

Even if an interview is not mandatory, it might help your case to request for one and we know just the thing to help you nail the final stage of the admissions process.

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From guiding you through commonly-asked questions to tackling personal branding, our consultants are here to strategize the plan of action.

Acing the Admissions Interview

Preparing for an interview is not simply about rehearsing a script to common questions you found on Reddit. Moreover, it is also about developing a consistent brand and positioning for yourself that comes across organically and memorably. There are bound to be questions that stump even the best of us so the ability to think on your feet and keep calm, cool and collected are valuable qualities that can be honed. 

Our consultants are here to make sure that you’re well equipped to take on any question that comes your way and to present yourself in the best light possible.

Come up with 3-5 particular questions you have for the interviewer about the university or course. Make sure to ask questions that are not easily available on the school website or brochure. Specific enquiries will show the representative that your interest in the school is genuine.

Tackling the MMIs and Medical School Interviews

Medical school interviews are here to distinguish the good from the great. Depending on the school you are applying to, candidates will be put through Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs) or scenario-based interview formats as part of the admissions assessment. To excel at these interviews and stations, candidates will not only have to showcase their problem-solving and reasoning skills, they will also have to embody key attributes of medical professionals like compassion and ethics. 

Unsurprisingly, these things can be practiced and honed, and we have helped many realise their medical dreams with key strategies that go a long way.


Did you know that every year, nearly 2,000 students apply to study Medicine at NUS, about 1,200 are shortlisted for interviews, and eventually 280 places are filled. Want to increase your chances of admissions, come chat with us!

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