Grace Sum

University Admissions Coach

Grace graduated with a First-Class Honours in Philosophy and Economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science, as well as a Masters in East Asian Studies from Stanford University. Having studied in both the United Kingdom and the United States, she is experienced with navigating the admissions process for higher education in overseas institutions. She is also proficient at and has a strong track record in the various standardised tests, specifically for the SAT, SAT Sciences, ISAT, BMAT and GRE. Patient and attentive to the different learning needs of her students, Grace is happy to go the extra mile to tailor the teaching methodologies to suit their individual learning styles.

She is passionate about working with students to sharpen their testing skills, improve their analytical and writing abilities, and package their admissions profiles to accelerate them towards their academic goals. She believes that the education journey is best travelled with robust support and good guidance from peers, seniors and experienced advisors, and is keen to be a partner for youths in charting out their future paths.


  • Masters of Arts in East Asian Studies, Stanford University
  • Bachelor of Science in Philosophy and Economics (First-Class Honours), London School of Economics and Political Science



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