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Nobody knows writer’s block like a prospective applicant.

When it is Essay Season, days are set aside, coffee mugs are filled up; blood, sweat, and tears pour forth. Still, the Word document remains blank.

Writing about yourself is hard, but not impossible.

The key is to relate an actual personal experience and convey a capacity for deep introspection. In other words, you need to sell yourself without sounding like a used car salesman. Again, it’s easier said than done. Get your Word document ready and discover the write way to approach the essays.

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Interesting stories, experiences and perspectives make for memorable essays. Our consultants are here to help you dig deep to uncover these gems which are able to speak volumes about you and your potential whilst keeping within set word limits.

Crafting Convincing Personal Statements

Applying to the UK for university is an entirely different kettle of fish to applying to the US and the same can be said of Singapore too. 

Stylistically, effective US statements are considered more emotional and personal while the UK and Singapore ones are more achievement- and course-focused with less room for creative expression. 

One thing is for certain: for many applicants, the personal statement is the bit that baffles them the most. Learn how to craft convincing and targeted statements that capture the interest of admissions committees.

Whether writing a statement for the UK, US or Singapore, remember that admissions is typically more selective for international applicants. As such, it’s essential to communicate a compelling sense of your particular values - your personal brand.

Tackling Supplemental Essays

Compared to the UK’s prim single personal statement, the American university applications seem like an awful lot of work. Not only is it necessary to write a 650-word common app essay, almost every school has its own set of supplemental essay prompts as well.   

Regardless of the length, supplemental essays and questions can be a great opportunity to showcase different sides of your character, especially if you feel the Common app Essay gave you too little space or was too broad of topic. You can take more risks in these essays. Show off your sense of humour or interesting hobbies or specific ambitions.


Checking out a school's supplemental essay topics is also a fantastic way to see if your interests and values overlap with theirs, as the prompts often tell you a great deal about the values of the university. For example, UChicago is known for its quirky essay topics because it's a school with a strong tradition in creative thinking.

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