Audrey Teo

University Admissions Coach

Audrey has ample experience working as a private tutor and in classroom settings, from international schools in Shanghai to rural Malaysia to the South Side of Chicago. Originally from Malaysia and having lived as a student in the USA and China for the past decade, she knows first-hand the intricacies of navigating different education systems and is keen on helping others navigate this system too.

Approaching all clients with openness and curiosity, Audrey treats the college application and selection process as an opportunity for self-reflection and growth. Combining her rigorous academic background from the University of Chicago and her working experience in the non-profit world, she has honed her ability to communicate personal and professional impact and to highlight clients’ individual strengths through written and verbal communication.

Off the clock, Audrey enjoys honing her craft as a photographer, learning how to animate and running along large bodies of water. 


  • Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy, University of Chicago
  • TEFL certified



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