How Well Do You Know Your Personality?

Have you ever entered a job role or organization that just didn’t seem to fit you quite right? Experienced a conflict with a loved one that seemed to have been born of a misalignment in communication style? Approached an important decision from an entirely different angle than did your colleague or friend? Wondered why somebody would wear that?

Many such scenarios stem from personality type differences that are hard to spot without the luxury of time to really get to know somebody. The Aureus Psychometric Instrument makes identifying and working with personality differences simpler by grouping individuals into four types: Nurturers, Philosophers, Protectors and Adventurers.

Snapshot of the API Personality Types:

Compassionate, Genuine
Relationships, Identity
Idealism, Empathy
Unrealistic, Self-sacrificing
Rational, Independent
Knowledge, Accomplishment
Macro-perspective, Ingenuity
Insensitive, Over-intellectualizing
Reliable, Respectable
Traditions, Absolutes
Morality, Responsibleness
Rigid, Fatalistic
Risk-taking, Virtuoso
Experience, Freedom
Flexibility, Joie de Vivre

Descriptions of the API Personality Types:


Nurturers are highly idealistic in their world views, preferring to focus on what might be than what is. They strive to live a meaningful life; hence, they prize intuition and spirituality above material things. Dishonesty, falsity and insincerity deeply trouble the romantic Nurturers, who hold themselves to the highest level of integrity. When making decisions, they follow their heart, which means they can make errors of fact and logic, but seldom of feeling. Blessed with vivid imaginations, these Nurturers are often seen as the most poetical of all the types


Curious by nature, Philosophers are enthusiastic about exploring abstract concepts and their underlying principles. They are constantly thinking about “reinventing the wheel”, welcoming information or views that are valuable, and dismissing long-held or politically-correct norms. Many new technologies, scientific discoveries and social improvements in our world are born of the Philosophers’ thirst for knowledge and questioning of mind.


Serving and preserving our most important social institutions, Protectors are the cornerstone of society. They are the ones who ensure that rules are followed, laws are respected, and standards are upheld. Beneficent and respectable, they place great value on morality and tradition. Perhaps the best word to describe these extraordinarily perseverant and dutiful individuals is “super-dependable”. Protectors exude a fervent loyalty to the various groups and organizations in their lives, including family, friends and professional organizations. They prize a sense of belonging.


Adventurers create much of the beauty, grace, fun, and excitement the rest of us enjoy in life. Impulsive, adaptable and competitive, they boldly tread paths that others consider risky or impossible, doing whatever it takes, rules or no rules, to accomplish their goals. Faced with a challenge, they have a tremendous appetite for risk-taking. This devil-may-care attitude also gives Adventurers a winning way with family, friends and co-workers, who often find them irresistibly charming.

After reading through the snapshot and descriptions above, do you relate to one of the API personality types more than the others? Whatever your type, the important thing to note is that no type is better than another. Nurturers, Philosophers, Protectors and Adventurers all bring strengths and weaknesses to every work organization, family unit or situation. If we recognize and appreciate each other for our differences, we can create an invaluable team synergy that makes 1 + 1 = 10.

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