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When should I start preparing for my college application?

From our experience, we strongly advice giving yourself minimally six months to prepare. Some applications may be more tedious than others and would require more runway. There are of course students who start one year in advance and really up to you to decide what works for you and your schedule.

How long does the whole admission coaching last?

On average, we recommend 10 to 15 hours of coaching for a single school application. This takes into account our comprehensive suite of services from school research, personal branding, essay assistance and interview coaching amongst other areas key to acing your application.

Who are your coaches?

Our diverse team of coaches graduated from renowned universities and are experts in writing and communication skills. They have walked through the halls of top institutions globally (think Oxford and Yale) and know how to distinguish a good application from a great one. Collectively, our experts have gotten students admitted to highly selective programmes in …

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What are the education services you offer?

We provide the full suite of admissions coaching services for students applying to selective universities, colleges and programmes globally. From personal branding to interview and scholarship coaching, our expert coaches are equipped with tried-and-tested strategies to help you craft winning applications to your dream schools.