This Morning Habit Will Improve Your Day

Make Your Day More Productive!


At least 5 days a week most of us wake up to an alarm clock set on our phones. This means that the first thing we do upon waking up is phone scrolling and social network browsing. While we all know this hijacks our time, what we don’t often realize is that this habit affects our brain and causes us to be less productive during the day. 

When we just wake up, our brain is very sensitive and vulnerable. The amount of information we see in our phones – news, to-do lists, notifications, reminders – immediately puts our brain in a state of anxiety and stress. This disrupts our chances of having a clear and calm mind during the day. 

Checking the phone first thing in the morning also affects our ability to prioritize tasks as information overload decreases our brain’s ability to focus and sets the tone for distraction for the rest of the day.

We can help our brain to be more productive by simply avoiding using the phone for 15-30 minutes after waking up. Using a traditional alarm clock or smart watch can help. Instead of starting the day with a morning scroll, we can form a new healthy habit of starting it with a morning stroll, jog, exercise, meditation, body scan, drinking a glass of warm lemon water or any other tuning-in morning ritual.  

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