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How I Got Into NYU Tisch

Want to pursue creative and performing arts at a top institution like NYU Tisch?
Wondering about your chances for admission and how to assemble a convincing creative portfolio?
Hear from NYU Tisch graduate, Mathilda, on how she managed to get admitted to one of the top arts schools globally!

How I Got Into UC Berkeley & UCLA

Looking to study at top US universities like UC Berkeley and UCLA?
Wondering about your chances for admission and how student life is like at these colleges?
Hear from UC Berkeley graduate, Vivian, on how she managed to get admitted to the top UCs as an international student from Singapore!

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Ace Your US College Application and the SAT

Looking to study abroad?
Wondering about the application process for US Colleges?

Hear from our experts leading the most comprehensive FREE 1.5-hour webinar on the US college and university application!

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Ace the UCAS for Top UK Universities

Aiming for courses at top UK universities?
Want to know top strategies to ace the UCAS application?
Hear from our expert coaches who have successfully gotten our students admitted to top UK universities like UCL, Cambridge, King’s, Imperial, and more! During the webinar, we’ll be sharing tried-and-tested tips and strategies for winning UCAS applications to your dream schools!

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Alternative Pathways to Medicine

Thinking of pursuing a career in Medicine?
Want to hear from a practicing medical doctor?
You’re starting to think seriously about your next step. Those of you thinking of getting into Medicine may also be wondering if making the transition is a viable option for yourself.

Hear from Dr. Terence Heng, a chiropractor who transitioned into medicine! He has over 10 years of experience as a qualified Chiropractor, GP, surgical assistant and lecturer in Australia. His interests include Skin Cancer and Emergency Medicine.

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What’s the Difference: UK vs. Australia Medical Schools

Deciding between studying Medicine in the UK or Australia?
Want to know the key differences between the two?
Hear from our expert coaches who have successfully gotten our students admitted to top medical schools globally like UCL, Cambridge, King’s, Sydney, Melbourne, Monash! During the webinar, we’ll be doing a comparison between the two popular study destinations which will include admissions requirements, entrance tests, culture, and much more.

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Study Health Science in the UK

Thinking of pursuing health science courses at UK universities? Want to receive exclusive tips on applying to accredited programmes? Our partners at IDP Singapore are here to share expert advice on applying to accredited health science programmes (e.g., veterinary science, physiotherapy, occupational therapy etc.) in the UK. They will also be giving an overview of the admissions and application criteria.