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Leadership & Teams

According to psychologist Sam Glucksberg, incentivizing employees to be more creative actually does the complete opposite. Offering rewards for creativity narrows the focus of an employee, which restricts his/her ability to conceive of possibilities

Image Management

The world is judging you. This may seem like an angsty emo thing to claim, but we all know it's true. We judge everyone all the time, and more so whenever we meet someone for the first time. Just as you are tuning into your first impression of others

Undergraduate Admissions, Graduate Admissions

How do you pass the 2-hour TOEIC exam in under 10 minutes? There's only one answer: you cheat. Everyone knows the UK has some of the world's top universities and that competition for admission is cut-throat. And international applicants have the

Undergraduate Admissions, Graduate Admissions

Applying to universities and graduate programs means wading through an awful lot of acronyms these days. Below is a cheat sheet I put together to help you navigate the standardized tests required of applicants to the various higher education programs

Undergraduate Admissions

Congratulations! You're in! You've been accepted to not one but several universities! ...Now what? Which offer do you accept? How do you choose between top schools? There are 116 universities in Great Britain and over 4,000 in the United States, so

Job Search, Career Transition, Oral & Written Communication, Intra & Interpersonal Skills

For recent graduates fresh to the professional world, you may be comforted (or disappointed) to learn that starting a new job is rather similar to the first day of school. You're eager to appear intelligent yet likeable. You wonder who you will eat


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