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Undergraduate Admissions

What are the admissions criteria? Once you have worked out where you intend to study and whether you can secure the necessary funding, it’s now time to make sense of your chosen university’s admission requirements and start working towards achieving

Undergraduate Admissions

Where will my funding come from? A quality education is always a worthwhile investment, and you certainly don’t want to be fretting over fees and finances in the middle of your degree. Whether you are currently experiencing financial difficulties or

Undergraduate Admissions

Does my university offer the course I want? You might have already decided on your ideal study destination and identified universities that seem to be a perfect fit. Sadly, you can’t major in everything, despite how impressive your IB or A-level

Undergraduate Admissions

Will I be happy in my university/college? If you’ve decided you’ll like (or tolerate) your chosen country’s culture and idiosyncrasies, it’s time to have a look at the various universities on offer. The most popular study destinations often feature

Undergraduate Admissions

Will I be comfortable with my country/state/city of residence? In the words of the popular Bilbo Baggins meme, ‘I’m going on an adventure!’ Heading overseas to study will certainly be an experience of a lifetime. But like any adventure of old, it’s best to go prepared.

Graduate Admissions

You don’t need to be completely specific about your goals to the point that you already have a position in mind in a certain company. But I would encourage individuals to dig a bit deeper and get clear about what their expected outcomes are.

Graduate Admissions

“Imagine yourself when you are 80, reflecting on how you have lived your life. If you see yourself regretting not having done the programme, then you should certainly do it!” It is just recently that the ranking of business schools were published

Undergraduate Admissions

Mention the phrase ‘university applications’ to high-school students and watch the color drain from their faces. A glazed look comes into their eyes. A palpable chill fills the air. Next you see of them, they’re cowering under piles of university


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