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Intra & Interpersonal Skills

An open communicator, you tend to speak your mind or heart without reservation. You like connecting with people, and you may enjoy a wide network. An action-oriented person, “do-think-do” may be the best way to describe you. Your gregarious nature

Graduate Admissions

A good graduate programme costs big bucks, and if you enroll in full-time post-graduate studies, you also give up your primary source of income. Even if you have significant savings, it is still a good idea to look into whether graduate scholarships

Undergraduate Admissions

Applying for Uni in the UK? The process of applying for university is overwhelming enough, but luckily the UCAS system is fairly straightforward. Once you are acquainted with the application process, you can focus your energy on choosing a course you

Undergraduate Admissions

Applying to college is stressful. The pressure can feel unbearable, and the last thing you need is to stress over navigating the Common App. The Common Application or “Common App”, is a website designed to streamline your application process to over

Career Transition

Do you dread Sunday nights? Sunday night blues happen to everyone but when you are burned out on your career, the prospect of going to work on Monday can become positively dreadful. There are many different contributing factors to a career switch

Undergraduate Admissions, Graduate Admissions

As we have reiterated throughout our series of articles, before deciding on a university, you need to assess the cost of tuition, travel and daily living expenses. Once you have made your assessment, do not despair if the cost of attending your dream

Undergraduate Admissions

A quality education is always a worthwhile investment, but you certainly don’t want to be fretting over fees and finances two years into your undergraduate course. Whether you are currently experiencing financial difficulties or just wish to lighten


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