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At Aureus, we believe that people are at the heart of organisations. It is our mission to cultivate talent and to empower you to lead fulfilling personal and professional lives. Our trainers are experts at introducing professionals of all levels to their own strengths and areas of improvement, and enabling them to develop a growth mindset.

For those of us who are hoping to transition into a different career, we have the resources and expertise to help you navigate these unprecedented times and the road ahead. We are deeply committed to helping you address your most pressing career questions and providing constructive feedback.

Work with our coaches individually and supercharge your career with Aureus today!

How can We Help?

Each coaching session is customised to your needs and here are some areas that our coaches are able to guide you on:

Many people forget that building a career is a deliberate task. With our guidance, you will be able to gain an acute awareness of your personal and professional goals and importantly, how you can take active steps to realising your dream career. 

  • Making sense of your profiling report
  • Discovering personal interests and motivations
  • Matching interests with possible roles and industries

A job interview is an opportunity for a potential employer to determine if there is consistency in how you present yourself in person and on paper. Learn how body language, personal branding, preparation and effective communication skills are critical in performing well at interviews.

  • Interview stimulation and role play
  • Skills to tackle various types of interviews (group, panel, 1-on-1)
  • Answering tough and uncomfortable questions

With the prominence of social media, platforms like LinkedIn can be leveraged to build long-lasting relationships which are essential to grow your network. Find out how a combination of traditional and online methods can help you extend your reach and network to uncover hidden opportunities.

  • Cultivating a professional network and online presence
  • Where and how to source for hidden opportunities
  • Networking and communication techniques and strategies

Resumes and cover letters are your first opportunity to impress potential employers. Understanding the importance of a personal brand is key to building your resume and crafting your cover letter. Take a step-by-step approach to craft memorable resumes and cover letters.

  • Critique of your resume or cover letter with feedback
  • Communicating your personal brand through your experiences
  • How to craft a resume or cover letter with impact

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