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Resume/CV Building

Resume/CV Building

Your resume/curriculum vitae is the centrepiece of your personal marketing strategy for all types of college applications. Putting together one that exudes polish and creates a memorable impact is no easy task. Whether you’re branding yourself for an undergraduate program or applying for an advanced degree, we offer expert guidance on creating a resume from scratch or updating your current one. Paying close attention to details, we’ll assist you in crafting a reader friendly format with content relevant for your specific audience.

Aureus Services Resume CV Building

  • The comprehensive guidance and resources provided by Aureus Consulting have really helped me in gaining an offer from my dream school.

    Xiao Yu, University of Cambridge MBBS

  • I worked with Aureus Consulting in the hope of securing a place in a London medical school. My counselor's guidance helped me pick the schools most suited to my qualifications and needs. With her help, I received an offer from UCL.

    What impressed me most about working with Aureus was the holistic nature of their services. Instead of simply working towards getting a place in any university, my counselor helped me discover a lot about my motivations to study medicine and my preferred learning environment. She went above and beyond in developing my confidence in speaking and my ability to communicate in writing and various social situations

    My counselor did not simply guide me through the application process, or prepare me for the specific tasks of personal statement or interview. She developed my abilities so that I would be able to tackle those obstacles, and other facets of life. Her work made me worthy of the uni that accepted me.

    Alvin, University College London (Medical School)

  • The admissions consultant has been a great help in my college application process, and because of her I was able to succeed. I started early on the application process and had no idea about it and where to start from, but with the help of my consultant, I was able to understand the process and start on the application with the correct guidance. She created an app tracker for the schools and I was able to keep track of the things I need to do and complete. I was able to start my essays strongly thanks to the brainstorm and notes she made during our interviews / questionnaires, and gave me some examples for a broader idea. She also guided me through the common app with great detail, and I was able to fill the information without a mistake. The admissions consultant is very friendly, so working with is very easy and not bothersome. I am very thankful to the services and the results Aureus Consulting has brought me.

    Felitasari, Parsons School of Design Undergrad

  • Aureus Consulting has been instrumental in my application for medical school. To secure a place at medical school is a herculean task and the right preparation is required. I found that preparation in Aureus Consulting and I was fortunate to my consultant as my mentor. She made it very easy to start interview practice despite my jitters beforehand and she also gave great insight on how to do well at the interview. I couldn't have asked for better preparation and I hope you will find the same.

    Kon Fu, University of Sheffield (Medical School)

  • The services given by Aureus Consulting were exceptional. Not only did they help me get into awesome schools, but they also aided me in finding myself, through the lengthy but awesome discussions to write the essay, about the events that have happened to me in the past.

    Nicholas, University of Washington - Seattle

  • I can say with confidence that the services at Aureus Consulting were outstanding. They were helpful throughout the admissions process, especially with essay tutoring and interview skills.

    Sidd, UNSW MBBS

  • Aureus Consulting has been a great help throughout my application to medical schools. From the writing of the personal statement to preparing me for the interview, the consultants worked with me tirelessly. They gave me great feedback and were very keen on my improvement and progress. Thank you very much!

    Ramesh, National University Singapore (Medical School)

  • I had a pleasant time working with my experienced and professional consultant who gave me the necessary tips, pointers and confidence to structure my personal statement for success.

    Gus, Queen Mary University of London LLB

  • The process of applying to an American university was really intimidating and more challenging than I thought it would be. I am grateful for the opportunity to have had the guidance of an Admissions Counselor at Aureus, who helped to break down the process into clear, systematic steps. I'm thankful for the guidance that I've gotten, which has helped me gain acceptance to Business Schools in both Fordham & Northeastern.

    Russell, Fordham College at Lincoln Center

  • Before coming to Aureus, I was in a quite insecure state. In spite of being in an American high school, I was unfamiliar with the whole college application process. I had no experience of having an admissions interview or writing an application essay. To be honest, choosing Aureus was a gamble--I wasn't sure if Aureus was worth to put my time and money in. However, it turned out that it was the best choice I could ever make. As cliche as it might sound, I got to know myself more throughout the interview and essay writing sessions with my counselors. They patiently helped me explore myself, review my essay, find my own style, and consolidate my ideas. Thanks to their guidance, I have been accepted to seven universities, including my first choice Lehigh University.

    Winnie, Lehigh University

  • Aureus Consulting has helped me greatly in self-marketing, to find unique qualities others do not possess. They have made me more confident and prepared for the interviews that I went for. I definitely would not be where I am today without them.

    Andrew, University of Sheffield (Medical School)

  • The interview coaching services have helped me to improve my confidence and interview skills. This will not only help me in the school application, but also in other general interviews. The advice and pointers given were extremely helpful.

    Anonymous, Nanyang MBA

  • During preparation for submission of my application, my consultant guided me through all of the critical points I need to take note of. This guidance assured me and gave me sufficient confidence in my application. Thank you!

    Kota, SMU MBA

  • The services I received at Aureus are really well worth the time and money put in. My consultant was extremely friendly and helpful from the start, and I could tell she truly wanted me to achieve my goals. I felt encouraged and supported throughout the entire application process. Without all the guidance I received, I would probably have drowned in the sea of university and applications jargon, and given up on writing anything more than a barely acceptable essay to each school. A lot of energy was saved, as the people at Aureus truly are here to help, and I have learnt so much from the whole process that I am even able to give certain tips to my friends during their applications as well. Aureus is very genuine in helping young people like myself, and I have to say, they do a really great job.

    Stevie, Yale-NUS with PSC scholarship

  • As an Indonesian living in the small town of Semarang, I had no idea about US College Application Process. Luckily, I had my Aureus counselor beside me. She guided me through each step one by one, from college selection, SAT/ACT tests, essays, until the interviews. With her brainstorming, I could reveal my hidden talents and exhibited them in the essays, making my application look as holistic as possible. I could produce the best essays I have ever written. And more, I could achieve the almost impossible dream: getting into an ivy league school!

    Lorraine, Brown University Undergraduate

  • Being an international student, I found the U.S. School application really tough and tedious. When I first started on my application, I realized how little I knew about myself. Brainstorming for the unique points is the most difficult task that I have ever encountered. Furthermore, since there are so many schools in the U.S., choosing the right school can also be really tough!

    Thankfully, my counselor is always there for me. She has accompanied me for almost one year, helping me in choosing schools that suit me the most, brainstorming for ideas, editing my essays... The most priceless part is that she taught me not only how to apply, but also the skills to market myself.

    With the great help from my counselor, I am admitted to 7 out of 10 schools that I applied, including UCLA and the University of Washington--Seattle!

    Wang, UCLA

  • If I could just say one thing about the consultation services at Aureus, it was an outright confidence booster for me. Initially, going into this application process I was rather skeptical about how far I could go with my school choices. I was afraid that my mediocre high school grades were uncompetitive at some of US most selective colleges. Nevertheless, after hearing out my concerns and school preferences, my counselor was ever so patient and knowledgeable in helping me narrow down my school choices. Eventually we came up with a well-balanced list of dream, target and safety schools for me.
    Subsequently, came the crucial part to the entire college application process: the essays. Having to balance my military obligations and finding time to churn out quality essays to aptly present myself to the admission officers, was no mean feat. However, thankfully with the aid of my counselor she effectively helped me market myself, and tirelessly reviewed my countless essays for different colleges. Additionally, I am certain, without my counselor's help in helping me consolidate my ideas, I would never have so artfully written all my essays!
    In retrospect, I am grateful for the aid rendered by my counselor at Aureus. She had done an impeccable job in seeing me through my admission process as I reaped the sweet triumphant of gaining admission into my dream colleges at the University of Notre Dame and the UW-Madison. To top if all off, I was unexpectedly awarded a scholarship to the honors program at University of Massachusetts- Amherst.
    All in all, with the aid of my counselor at Aureus, I received nothing less than a miracle.

    James, University of Notre Dame - Undergraduate

  • Applying to the US, as easy as it might sound, was actually as tedious as Higher Level Physics! Despite this, my admissions counselor at Aureus helped me break down my application to successfully meet my November 1st deadline for NYU (Stern).

    However, the hardest part was the essay - I was lost! Which question should I choose? What should I write and what would be acceptable? These were the questions plaguing my mind. Aureus helped me to formulate, plan, draft and edit my essays on topics that I would have never thought of for a university application.

    But that was the catch. Scores will only get you so far when it comes to applying to university. I feel that unique and well-structured essays are the key to stepping through that university admissions door, and with the help of my admissions counselor at Aureus, that's exactly what I accomplished.

    I would love to thank my counselor for all the help she has bestowed upon me. Without her I don't think I would be a NYU Sternie!

    Kevin, NYU (Stern) Undergraduate Program

  • It was a wonderful journey working with my consultant. The whole consulting process helped me in not only getting an offer from my target school, but building my personal brand, communication skills and confidence, which you appreciate for life. The Aureus consultants will literally "unlock your potential"!

    Nagatoshi, UCLA-NUS Executive MBA

  • As I saw my A levels results I was rather apprehensive about being able to get into the university course that I wanted. Fortunately enough, my admissions counselor was very knowledgeable and guided me through the application process carefully. Without her, I probably would have been at a loss in writing my admissions essay and preparing for interviews. She made the process smooth sailing and stress-free.I was accepted by all of the 3 universities I had applied to. Thank you so much to my counselor and to Aureus.

    Clarissa, NTU

  • I cannot thank my admissions consultants enough for helping me get into my targeted MBA programme successfully. They have provided me quality advice and professional guidance in all the various aspects of my MBA application. The time spent on personal branding, drafting key points in the essays and building up my CV have been efficient, fruitful and enjoyable. 

    The consultants have helped me a great deal by building up a strong profile in my MBA application. The consultants have been patient and accommodating to my schedule. They prioritised their work schedule to help me complete my application within a two weeks deadline. I highly recommend the admissions consulting service to potential postgraduates candidates.

    Jerome, SMU MBA

  • To me, the college application process was like navigating through a labyrinth. Apart from preparing the usual essays, references and other supplementary materials, I had to deal with 4 different application systems: UCAS, Common App, plus the University of Wisconsin and Purdue University Application Systems! But luckily for me, my Aureus admissions counselor was always there to help me. She not only helped with the nitty gritties such as editing my essay, but also helped me identify my application core messages. Most importantly the brainstorming sessions I had with her helped me understand myself better as an applicant and as a person.

    Now that I have made it out of the system alive, I would like to thank my counselor and the staff at Aureus, without whom this would not have been possible!

    Jia Li, King's College London

  • It was a great experience to work with my consultant at Aureus Consulting for my MBA entry preparation and on my future career path. She provided very good advice and assisted me to have clarity in preparing all the necessary documents and information required for my MBA application. With the assistance provided, I was able to be fully prepared and gained entry into the MBA program with nbsp;University of Adelaide in Feb 2015.

    Lawrence, University of Adelaide MBA

  • Aureus Consulting has helped to open my next door. Since my business could not allow me to use much time for MBA application, my counselor`s leading the process was quite efficient. Before I got admission letter, I thought that the most important criteria was GMAT score and my background. However, now I realize the key success factor was the Interview, in which questions came about what I wrote in my Essay. Without brainstorming with Aureus Consultant, truly I couldn't have passed it.

    Satoshi, ESSEC Executive MBA Asia-Pacific

  • I feel so lucky that I found Aureus and my admissions counselor. This was my first time applying for MBA and I knew I needed great help because of my very limited spare time and my busy work schedule.

    During my first appointment with my counselor, I was undoubtedly unprepared - other than my GMAT score and a few Business School names I had absolutely no idea how to start. She quickly guided me to identify my core strengths so as to brand myself well throughout the applications. During the application process, she provided me with countless useful suggestions on school selection, CV format, essay writing, and interview preparation.

    Her advice is always swift and amazing. Sometimes, I myself couldn't believe that within three months I could submit three complete, outstanding MBA applications! I received all three interview invitations soon after application submissions. Finally, the acceptance letter from my dream school, Boston University arrives and it's with a scholarship!

    I truly recommend the admissions counseling services and Aureus to anyone who is serious about submitting an exceptional MBA application.

    Katie, Boston University Health Sector MBA

  • After reviewing the required essay topics as part of my dual degree MBA / Masters in Real Estate application, I searched for assistance. I was working in Singapore temporarily and was originally based out of Los Angeles. I researched which company could provide me the most comprehensive education and admission consultation which led me to use Aureus.

    Aureus was very professional and attentive. The staff was passionate about their job, not to mention good at it!

    I utilized their essay and admissions consultation services, which made the difference in my application. The collaborative nature of their approach allowed me to write an honest and well-crafted set of essays that showcased who I am and extracted my passion that led me to seek graduate education. I applied to only one graduate program so there was no margin for error. I was admitted to USC, and I couldn't have done it without Aureus.

    Richard, University of Southern California MBA/MRED

  • As I look back at the tedious college admissions process that confronted me months ago, I am very grateful to have the guidance of Aureus. Like many of my peers, I was initially lost in the complex university application process. Thankfully, my admissions counselor gave me timely and valuable advice to help me present myself in the best possible light through the ever-insufficient space on the application forms. I am most grateful towards my admissions counselor for her help in the brainstorming of ideas and the eventual writing process.

    Without the unparalleled admissions counseling services I received at Aureus, the application process would certainly have been much more difficult. Thank you Aureus.

    Stanley, Harvard Undergraduate Program

  • Since I was in national service and didn't have much time to work with my application process, I needed someone who could give maximum attention to my application process. Aureus handled my situation in an organized and timely manner. My counselor sorted out good schools that matched my interests and academic profile and provided me with all the necessary and extra information. Following which he gave great write ups for the Letters of Recommendation and Statements of Purpose, which were vital for any application.

    It was through my counselor's exemplary effort that out of my 5 applications, I admitted into 4 universities with scholarships from 2 of them. I want to extend my thanks to my counselor for all his efforts and toil, without which I can never be where I dreamt to be!

    Colin, Stanford Undergraduate Program

  • Thanks to Aureus, I managed to write a lots of essays in little time and got offers from really decent universities.

    Capucine, UCLA Undergrad

  • My consultant helped me with my essay by telling me what to get rid of, shorten my essay and make it clear. She helped me sell myself in the best possible way in interviews. This helped me have a solid chance to get into my dream school. Definitely recommend.

    Elise, Ecole Hoteliere Lausanne (EHL) Undergrad

  • The consultants have provided excellent input for the school selection and have a very structured way of presenting the breakdown of the schools’ differences. The consultants are also good at the essay writing and able to link many strengths and work experiences into a coherent essay. They consultants in charge of the interview coaching were excellent to point out the key ideas that were lacking, especially in MMI questions and the feedback were highlighted with ways to improve them.

    Jeremy, Newcastle University MBBS

  • My consultant provided invaluable insights and very detailed advice on personal branding, which were instrumental in my essay writing and interview components. Not only was I accepted, but I was also offered a financial scholarship at my MBA program of choice!

    Owen, NUS MBA with $12,000 scholarship

  • My consultant helped me a lot to structure my applications and upgrade them. She gave me a lot of insights into how to deliver the messages to the admissions officers more effectively.

    Yosuke, MIT Sloan MBA

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