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International Undergraduate Scholarships

International Undergraduate Scholarships

By: Anushangi Weerakoon

As we have reiterated throughout our series of articles, before deciding on a university, you need to assess the cost of tuition, travel and daily living expenses. Once you have made your assessment, do not despair if the cost of attending your dream university seems beyond your budget. There are always scholarships to consider. Below is a list of the types of scholarships that are offered to international students, though much more funding is available to graduate students than to undergraduate students.

Full Scholarships

These are the most attractive option as they cover all your expenses, from tuition fees to living costs. However, very few such scholarships are offered to international students by universities, and they are very competitive.

Part Scholarships

These can be anything from a scholarship of a fixed amount to ones that cover a percentage of your tuition fees. However, they do not cover your living expenses.  

Country-specific Scholarships

Check the eligibility details carefully because these are offered to students from certain countries only. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact the university or scholarship provider for more details.

Course-specific Scholarships

These are offered by the university for students who enrol to study a particular course.

Scholarship resources for the most popular study destinations are listed below:

United Kingdom      

United States



For more information on eligibility and application requirements, you should visit the financial aid page of your university of choice or contact the admissions office. 

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