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Which Career for your Personality?

Which Career for your Personality?

By: Natsuko Tohyama

1. When giving instructions to someone, you provide 

   Specific directions (C)
   Broad directions (A)

2. Others may describe you as 

   Systematic (D)
   Spontaneous (F)

3. Under most circumstances, you would rather 

   Have a clear structure (D)
   Go with the flow (F)

4. When working on a project, you generally focus on 

   The underlying ideas (A)
   The important details (C)

5. When working on a project, the stage you enjoy more is 

   Brainstorming (A)
   Execution (C)

6. You tend to seek 

   Possibilities (F)
   Closure (D)

7. You usually pay more attention to your 

   Present experience (C)
   Goals for the future (A)

8. When faced with a task, you prefer to 

   Explore new ways of addressing it (F)
   Use tried and tested methods  (D)

9. To understand something, you need to see the 

   Big picture (A)
   Details (C)

10. People might compliment you on your 

   Ability to structure your time and space (D)
   Receptiveness to the unplanned (F)


Determining – Flowing

D: You scored Determining on the Determining – Flowing scale.

You are an organized, efficient and planned professional. You prefer knowing in advance what you will be doing, and you may be seen by co-workers as responsible and reliable. On the flip side, sudden changes may throw you off, and you may dislike interruptions to your schedule. Play to your strengths, and consider working for an organization that is more established, stable, or structured. You have much to contribute to a job role that allows you to utilize your natural ability to systematize and organize.

F: You scored Flowing on the Determining – Flowing scale.

You adapt to changes and a variety of situations with ease, and you may have a knack for finding the “play” in the “work”. Flexibility and spontaneity are key words in your ideal career, as routine may bore you, and rigid rules frustrate you. As a result, you may last longer in a career that matches your preference for fluidity. Think: entrepreneurial environments, freelancing, dynamic industries, and flexible work hours.


Concrete – Abstract

C: You scored Concrete on the Concrete – Abstract scale.

Realistic, detail-oriented and present-focused, you add value to work teams by grounding your co-workers. You may also prefer to work with concrete specifics than with brainstorming or creative projects. Execution of such projects, however, could just be your way of contributing. You have much to give to work roles that require careful attention to detail or hands-on, practical applications of ideas.

A: You scored Abstract on the Concrete – Abstract scale. 

Imagination. Creativity. Big-picture thinking. Job roles and industries that require these skills beckon you. You have a talent for conjuring something out of nothing – but you may have a tendency to lose the important details or forget potential constraints like the budget. A job that encourages problem solving, design, higher-order thinking or management may appeal to you. Just remember to keep realities in mind when envisioning that perfect career trajectory! 

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