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What is your Communication Style or Personality?

What is your Communication Style or Personality?

By: Natsuko Tohyama

1. You need time to yourself to re-energize

   True (I)
   False (O)

2. You would prefer to have 

   A broad network of friends and acquaintances (O)
   A few close friends (I)

3. In social situations, you 

   Prefer to be introduced (I)
   Are comfortable introducing people to each other (O)

4. Expressing your thoughts and feelings is easy. 

   True. You may even risk saying too much. (O)
   False. You often keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself. (I)

5. You generally tend to 

   React first and then reflect (O)
   Reflect first, then react (I)

6. You seek 

   A breadth of knowledge or experience (O)
   A depth of knowledge or experience (I)

7. When faced with a challenge, your tendency is to 

   Think through it independently first (I)
   Talk through it with others (O) 


Outward – Inward

O: You scored Outward on the Outward – Inward scale.

An open communicator, you tend to speak your mind or heart without reservation. You like connecting with people, and you may enjoy a wide network. An action-oriented person, “do-think-do” may be the best way to describe you. Your gregarious nature puts you at the centre of the action at social gatherings, and your ability to connect with a variety of people benefits you in multiple life arenas: work, family and friends.

Beware, however, as your tendency to say what you feel or think without reservation can be, at times, perceived as “verbal diarrhea”. Know when to hold back or put off a conversation until a better moment! Also, recognize when you are dealing with individuals on the opposite side of the Outward – Inward spectrum: They may value privacy or quiet and take time to warm up to you. Give this type of person more space, and they will most likely appreciate you for it! You might even learn a trick or two from this type: Take time out every week to “be with yourself” and reflect through your experiences to give depth to your thoughts.


I: You scored Inward on the Outward – Inward scale.

Quieter and more reflective, you seek a few close relationships rather than numerous acquaintances. You value your privacy or personal space, yet have the ability to connect to individuals on a deeper level. While you may not speak as often or as expressively as the Outwards, you feel that each word you say is important. People may even describe you as contained or independent.

On the other hand, you may be a bit difficult to get to know. If you do not express what you are feeling or thinking, then others may find you either aloof or mysterious. Make it a practice to communicate what is going on inside your heart or head, especially with the people who count in your life. Widening your network may help you not only in terms of career but also in terms of garnering social support. Look to the Outwards to learn tips for engaging somebody you don’t know well in a conversation or maintaining newly-made connections.

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