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Applying to Study Undergraduate Medicine in Australia

Applying to Study Undergraduate Medicine in Australia (for International Students)

by Khairillah Irwan

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Australia has been an extremely popular destination for international students for their tertiary education in the medical field, due to the high-quality facilities and training provided by its various universities. 

In addition, many Australian medical courses are well-recognized. In 2020, seven Australian universities have ranked within the Top 100 in the QS World University Rankings. Coupled with an excellent living environment and cultural diversity, Australia is definitely an attractive place to pursue your study at. 


·         Schools

Out of all the universities, those who are currently recognized by the Singapore Medical Council and have direct-entry undergraduate medicine courses include:

1. The University of Adelaide
2. Monash University
3. Monash University
4. University of New South Wales
5. The University of Queensland *
6. The University of Sydney *
7. The University of Western Australia *

*  These universities offer “train” programmes in which students study an undergraduate degree, and then move on to a graduate degree in medicine. 


·         Application Details

As an international student, you can apply directly to these schools, through the online portal found on the individual school websites. Alternatively, you can apply through authorized agents in your home country. 

Take note of the application deadline of each school and allocate sufficient time to prepare your documents.

Also, these schools will require you sit for a test, and your scores will be considered for entry.




Application Deadline

Test Required


The University of Adelaide

By 30 June 2020




Monash University

Application deadline depends on the region the applicant resides in, as their region determines the time period of their interview. Applicants are advised to check

as dates will continue to be updated in lieu of the COVID-19 situation. As of now, the deadlines are:


Asia – 22 June 2020

Canada and North America – 17 July 2020

Australia – 23 August 2020

Asia (later round) – 30 October 2020 



Students must achieve an overall 170 or above in the ISAT, with a minimum of 165 in both Critical Thinking and Quantitative Reasoning 

University of New South Wales

Rolling, but by 30 November 2020


A minimum score of 150 in the ISAT is required for consideration. 


The application includes questions on why you want to study medicine at UNSW, your relevant personal qualities and skills, your non-academic interests and activities and a brief description of your life experience. 

The University of Queensland 

Application for provisional entry (for school leavers to enter an undergraduate course at UQ, followed by a Doctor in Medicine) can be submitted by the following dates for the respective interview seasons:


By 15 June 2020 for 15, 16 and 17 July 2020 Interview

By 3 August 2020 for 1 September 2020 Interview

By 7 September 2020 for 2 October 2020 Interview

By 19 October 2020 for 17 November 2020 Interview



The University of Sydney

By 31 October 2020

Applicant should also fulfill requirements for the Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Science course that they wish to take up. 



The University of Western Australia

By 31 May 2020 


Applicants must meet or exceed the 25th percentile in each section of the ISAT to be considered


Interview Details

The interview component of your application process is a huge factor in determining your suitability to be a medical student. It is important that you go to the individual school websites to find out how each school conducts its interview in detail, as well as the qualities each school is looking for.  






Interview format:

Interview format:

The University of Adelaide

Late September 2020 – Early October 2020 

üAdelaide, Australia – Face-to-face

üToronto, Canada – Video conferencing

üSingapore – Video conferencing


Skype, telephone, MSN and Yahoo chat requests will not be accepted.


A series of scenarios and associated questions focusing on personal qualities will be given.


20 minutes in length 

Monash University



Due to the COVID-19 crisis, overseas interviews are most likely to be conducted online pending further changes to the situation. 



Monash University

Visit here


Only face-to-face interviews at the various locations.

Skype or online interviews are not conducted.

MMI Structure

University of New South Wales

April – the commencement of Term 1 in the next year 

Skype, telephone or face-to-face available


The University of Queensland 

15, 16 and 17 July 2020 


1 September 2020


2 October 2020


17 November 2020

Either face-to-face or through videoconferencing 

MMI Structure

The University of Sydney

19 December 2020 (projected) 


21 January 2020



Compulsory online assessment will involve a written component and a panel discussion 


The University of Western Australia

By 15 July 2020 

Applicants are responsible to book a test online themselves. Go to if you are invited to interview. 

Online assessment-based interviews on platforms such as CASPER have replaced in person interviews. The test will include scenario-based questions about ethical dilemmas and situational judgement


Applying to a foreign university may seem confusing, but it will be much easier if you have a good understanding of the requirements. Therefore, do your research and you will prepare yourself to succeed!

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