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Undergraduate Admissions

Politics have little say when it comes to the Liberal Arts. Still, many Singaporeans remain diplomatic. Warm hugs for getting into the ivies, thumbs up for the research institutions, and when the small, artsy colleges come into play - polite, but

Undergraduate Admissions

When I think back to my sophomore year of high school (secondary 4 in Singapore-speak), my mind flutters. I look back and find: dusty images of ancient Egyptian history, late night cram sessions until 4:00 am; fierce competition within close friendships

Undergraduate Admissions

Nobody knows writer's block like a high school senior. When it's Personal Essay Season, days are set aside, coffee mugs are filled up; blood, sweat, and tears pour forth: Still, the Word document remains blank. Yes, the symptoms of writer's block are

Undergraduate Admissions

Applying to the UK for university is an entirely different kettle of fish than to the US. The biggest difference is that you are asked to write a personal statement, not an essay. When I choose to apply for universities in the UK, as an international student,

Undergraduate Admissions

College is that brand new, exciting venture. Finally you're away from home, no longer under the thumb of parents monitoring your every movement, able to pursue your own interests. It seems a simple change, yet keeping that enthusiasm, and ensuring

Graduate Admissions

Decisions, decisions. How to make them? I personally swear by "Eenie, meenie, miney moe." But, you could also flip a coin, pull a straw, or use a blindfold. Each mechanism is bound to steer you in the right direction. The only exception, of course, is this

Graduate Admissions

As the famous Biggie Smalls once proclaimed: Mo' money, Mo' Problems. Of course, Mr. Smalls was a gangster his financial musings are less relevant. (Still, let's insert an interlude of cool, hip hop beats.) For the average business student,

Graduate Admissions

You've stared at your application essay questions for hours on end, finally overcome writer's block, and identified which key experiences to showcase in your admissions package. However, you realize unique and relevant content alone will not get you


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