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Undergraduate Admissions, Graduate Admissions

For some, leaving home for university can be daunting and the thought of studying abroad can be downright scary. College is already a time of immense change and personal growth, so why add the stressful challenge of adapting to a whole new culture to

Undergraduate Admissions, Graduate Admissions

No man is an island. Nowhere is this truer than in university applications - both undergrad and graduate. Pristine test scores and poetic essays won't matter a tick if you can't find a single mentor to vouch for your trustworthiness. Application resources

Job Search, Career Transition, Oral & Written Communication

Applying for a job in a foreign country contains a myriad of communication challenges. How do you translate your school records? Should you use British or American English in your cover letter? What if your references don't speak the language of the

Undergraduate Admissions

Applications are stressful. Full stop. End of story. Applications to undergrad programmes in the US are especially stress-inducing. Throughout the 10+ page Common Application, there are a million details you need to input correctly - from your mother's

Undergraduate Admissions, Graduate Admissions

A rushed application is rarely a strong one. Typos get missed. Recommenders go MIA. Websites crash. Applying to university or grad school is stressful enough. Don't add to your adrenaline spikes by giving yourself a tight time limit. And if you're


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