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Oral & Written Communication

Undergraduate Admissions, Graduate Admissions, Oral & Written Communication

Transcripts and essays define the applicant on paper, but Oxbridge colleges and US Ivy prefer to meet their applicants to make their decision. Kiran Raju explores what they are looking for, questions to expect and how to prepare.

Job Search, Career Transition, Oral & Written Communication, Intra & Interpersonal Skills, Image Management

It is commonly said that the traditional approach to networking is fast dying out. Gone are the days of attending seminars, conferences and panels armed with a stack of business cards, aggressively wading through an ocean of potential contacts

Job Search, Career Transition, Oral & Written Communication

Applying for a job in a foreign country contains a myriad of communication challenges. How do you translate your school records? Should you use British or American English in your cover letter? What if your references don't speak the language of the

Job Search, Career Transition, Oral & Written Communication, Intra & Interpersonal Skills

In an era of multitudinous job sites and recruitment firms, getting noticed by the prospective employer is no small feat. If you have an interview letter in hand, it is a time for jubilation but certainly not relaxation. Interview skills is an Achilles heel

Job Search, Career Transition, Oral & Written Communication, Intra & Interpersonal Skills

For recent graduates fresh to the professional world, you may be comforted (or disappointed) to learn that starting a new job is rather similar to the first day of school. You're eager to appear intelligent yet likeable. You wonder who you will eat

Oral & Written Communication, Leadership & Teams, Intra & Interpersonal Skills

Ever wonder why some people just seem to get ahead all the time? The ones who seem to effortlessly clinch that promotion or never have a bad hair day? So just what is their secret? Luck? Nepotism? Good looks? High IQ? Since the early Twentieth

Oral & Written Communication, Intra & Interpersonal Skills

Out of all the letters of the alphabet, Singaporeans seem to most familiar with the letter C. After all, for decades it seems, the more Cs you have under your belt, the better. And as great as it is to have all of them easily at hand: cash, car, credit card

Oral & Written Communication

"CONGRATULATIONS! It's an opening that, no matter what the situation, promises that something good is coming your way. In my case, it was the first word I saw on my letter from the University of Southern California. Teary-eyed, I dashed out of my

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