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Common Resume Mistakes Fresh Grads Make

Common Resume Mistakes Fresh Grads Make

By: Holly Sansom


Congratulations! You just graduated uni, and now it’s time for your dream job to come knocking on your door to hire you. While you’re waiting for that hiring manager to come knocking, it might be a good idea to spend some time developing a great resume…. just in case.


Here are a few common resume mistakes that fresh grads make:


Submitting a Looooong Resume:

Hiring Managers are BUSY. Don’t write your life history, or submit a ten page essay! Keep in mind that a hiring manager is going to make a rapid assessment, and your resume will get about six seconds of their time. Keep it neat and concise. Most fresh grads have great academic experience, and may have some work history to offer. This should not take you more than one page – maybe two if you took a gap year or were highly involved in university.


What you can leave out: Accomplishments prior to Junior College, unimpressive GPA or class rank, non-character building hobbies, completely unrelated jobs, and anything untrue.



It’s incredibly tempting to boost your qualifications on your resume to get the interview for your dream job. Once they interview you, it won’t matter anymore, right? Wrong. There is no point in obtaining a position based on exaggerated abilities, because you will be found out as soon as you start the job. Be precise in your resume development when it comes to describing your history and skills accurately. A well-written resume has a higher likelihood of getting you to your dream career over time than an exaggerated one that misrepresents you.


Sending a Generic Resume to All Jobs:

You have just spent hours honing the perfect resume. Every word is excruciatingly analyzed, every period and comma is in place. Fantastic! But you need to get comfortable customizing your perfect resume for each and every job that you apply to. You are more likely to be successful if you send out 5 highly customized applications rather than 50 generic ones. It is more time consuming, but worth it in the end!


Submitting an Unpolished Resume:

First impressions count, and this resume is your first (and likely only) opportunity to sell yourself to the hiring manager at your dream job. Spelling, grammar, and syntax should all be in perfect order. But don’t forget about FONT. If your resume is difficult to read for any reason, a hiring manager may toss it into the reject pile. Choose an easy to read, business-like font. And for goodness sake, no Comic Sans!


As you can see, resume writing can have many pitfalls, but by avoiding these common mistakes you will have a leg up over other applicants. I hope this article has helped pass some time while you are waiting for that job to come knock at the door!   

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