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Image Management


Image Management

I'm generally a good person. My work meets all the required industry standards and my coworkers view me as a ray of warm fuzzy sunshine. I'm practically a saint. Does it really matter that I like wearing stripes with plaid? Yes, Mr. Hypothetical

Job Search, Career Transition, Oral & Written Communication, Intra & Interpersonal Skills, Image Management

It is commonly said that the traditional approach to networking is fast dying out. Gone are the days of attending seminars, conferences and panels armed with a stack of business cards, aggressively wading through an ocean of potential contacts

Image Management

The world is judging you. This may seem like an angsty emo thing to claim, but we all know it's true. We judge everyone all the time, and more so whenever we meet someone for the first time. Just as you are tuning into your first impression of others

Image Management

Did you know that Winston Churchill was an ENTP and Thomas Jefferson, an INTP? Apparently Picasso was more ESFP whilst Mother Teresa an ISFJ. And Genghis Khan and Cleopatra were both ENTJs. Secret intelligence code or some complex mathematical

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