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Intra & Interpersonal Skills

If you are feeling stressed, frustrated, and exhausted at the end of the day, it may be a good time to brush up on your workplace interpersonal skills. Making connections, working in teams, and being invited to lunch with the crowd all require a

Job Search

You are an organized, efficient and planned professional. You prefer knowing in advance what you will be doing, and you may be seen by co-workers as responsible and reliable. On the flip side, sudden changes may throw you off, and you may dislike

Job Search

Congratulations! You just graduated uni, and now it’s time for your dream job to come knocking on your door to hire you. While you’re waiting for that hiring manager to come knocking, it might be a good idea to spend some time developing a great

Intra & Interpersonal Skills

Have you ever entered a job role or organization that just didn’t seem to fit you quite right? Experienced a conflict with a loved one that seemed to have been born of a misalignment in communication style? Approached an important decision from an

Job Search

The world is ever evolving, and along with it, the job market. With increasing importance placed on self-branding and interpersonal skills on top of hard skills, what can we expect in the job market in Singapore in 2017? Singapore has proven itself a

Intra & Interpersonal Skills

An open communicator, you tend to speak your mind or heart without reservation. You like connecting with people, and you may enjoy a wide network. An action-oriented person, “do-think-do” may be the best way to describe you. Your gregarious nature

Graduate Admissions

A good graduate programme costs big bucks, and if you enroll in full-time post-graduate studies, you also give up your primary source of income. Even if you have significant savings, it is still a good idea to look into whether graduate scholarships

Undergraduate Admissions

Applying for Uni in the UK? The process of applying for university is overwhelming enough, but luckily the UCAS system is fairly straightforward. Once you are acquainted with the application process, you can focus your energy on choosing a course you


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