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Saloni Dave


Aureus Consultant Saloni Dave

Saloni Dave


Saloni is an enthusiastic, dynamic and holistic psychologist working in the field of education and training. Her broad experiences include working as a teacher, career and academic counsellor, content developer, workshop facilitator and human resource executive. Through this, she has developed the versatility to work with diverse age groups.

Having always been fascinated with psychology and its potential to help people, Saloni earned a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology. With this expertise, she has guided students, MBA graduates, parents and professionals to select the right academic and career choices. She has also trained and led a team of psychologists to execute psychological assessments, intervention and workshops in the education sector.

Saloni is known for her friendly, creative, fun-loving and power packed approach to making her trainings educative and interactive. She looks forward to more opportunities to touch lives and help students and professionals unleash their potential.

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