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Natsuko Tohyama


Aureus Consultant Natsuko Tohyama

Natsuko Tohyama


When she was 16, Natsuko knew she was going to Harvard University and becoming a hot-shot neurosurgeon. Nothing less was acceptable.

However, after taking two years to study opera, counselling and holistic aromatherapy, she discovered that remaining true to her individual interests and talents was key to success and happiness. She found her way to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she came across a unique major that perfectly matched her innate interests. Continuing to follow her heart, she pursued a Master's in Higher Education Administration with a concentration in International Education at Bowling Green State University. For the past decade, Natsuko has built a professional background in diverse but related fields including career services, counseling, educational consulting, and international education. Her career spans the USA, the South and Central Americas, Japan and Singapore.

Today, she thoroughly enjoys working with clients from diverse career backgrounds, ranging from multinational corporations such as Proctor & Gamble, Citibank, Ernst & Young and Accenture, and government bodies such as the Monetary Authority of Singapore to family-run businesses. Many of her clients have gone on to gain acceptance into prestigious programs at MIT, Cornell, U of Chicago, NUS, INSEAD, Oxford and Cambridge. Natsuko is grateful for the opportunity to infuse your career journey with genuine passion and to support you in tapping into your unique abilities.

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