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Hana Saemon


Aureus Consultant  Hana Saemon

Hana Saemon


Hana’s professional background in speech and drama, teaching English as a Second Language, public speaking and creative writing prepared her to excel in the learning and development industry at Hewlett Packard, the Continuing Education and Training Centre, then Aureus Consulting. Having obtained her Masters in Organisational Leadership (Education) at Monash University in Australia, she is continuing her research as a PhD candidate at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand while serving as founder and president of a non-profit educational organization, Literacy Initiative For Equity (LIFE) SG.

Hana’s many engagements with diverse clients throughout the past 12 years have equipped her with excellent communication and intercultural skills. Creating and leading an organisation from scratch has given her a fresh perspective on business development and people management. Hana’s passion lies in utilizing these experiences to guide and coach individuals to perform at their very peak.

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