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Ben Lee


Aureus Consultant Ben Lee

Ben Lee


Ben has given speeches to as well as trained and mentored more than 100,000 individuals over his career spanning 13 years.

After launching his career in IT with a Bachelor of Information Technology from the Queensland University of Technology in Australia, he pursued his interest in the culinary arts and explored sales and business development, finally finding his calling in training and education. Ben has since obtained ACTA trainer certification as well as a Specialist Diploma in Counseling Psychology from the ACC School of Counseling and Psychology, and is a DISC Certified Consultant in Human Behaviour. With this diverse background, Ben is able to engage people from all walks of life.

An expressive and open trainer, he uses storytelling and hands-on activities to transfer key learnings to his audience. Ben’s deep appreciation for life brings positive and inspirational energy to those he touches.

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