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Anushangi Weerakoon


Aureus Consultant Anushangi Weerakoon

Anushangi Weerakoon


Anushangi holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the National University of Singapore. However, as an undergraduate she realized that, although she enjoyed the analytical aspects of her course, she loved supporting and guiding people too much to enter a career in scientific research. Fortunately, she soon discovered her love for the written word through an English Literature module!

Today, on top of experience in human resources and hospitality, Anushangi boasts over five years of an excellent professional track record in the publishing industry. She has worked with authors from all over the world as an editor for educational publications spanning a wide range of topics from medical journals on Gastroenterology and Psychology to textbooks on Corporate Finance and Professional Development. It is clear that she is well-placed to guide students and professionals in marketing themselves for university admissions and the job search through their written and verbal communication.
She is excited to utilize her experiences working with authors and colleagues from diverse backgrounds to guide you on your academic and professional journey!

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