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Our Success Stories

  • The comprehensive guidance and resources provided by Aureus Consulting have really helped me in gaining an offer from my dream school.

    Chen Xiao Yu, University of Cambridge, MBBS, Class of 2022

  • The admissions consultant has been a great help in my college application process, and because of her I was able to succeed. I started early on the application process and had no idea about it and where to start from, but with the help of my consultant, I was able to understand the process and start on the application with the correct guidance. She created an app tracker for the schools and I was able to keep track of the things I need to do and complete. I was able to start my essays strongly thanks to the brainstorm and notes she made during our interviews / questionnaires, and gave me some examples for a broader idea. She also guided me through the common app with great detail, and I was able to fill the information without a mistake. The admissions consultant is very friendly, so working with is very easy and not bothersome. I am very thankful to the services and the results Aureus Consulting has brought me.

    Felitasari Widya Rekso, Class of 2021

  • Aureus helped me all the way through the application for US universities, from the way I presented my activities to the character I demonstrated in my essays. My consultant put a lot of effort in every meeting and we had lots of fun brainstorming and putting together essays too! I’m really happy with my outcomes. I got offers from U Chicago, NYU, Carnegie Mellon, UC Los Angeles, UC San Diego, and Carleton!

    Eva, University of Chicago, Class of 2020

  • I can say with confidence that the services at Aureus Consulting were outstanding. They were helpful throughout the admissions process, especially with essay tutoring and interview skills.

    Sidd Raj, UNSW Australia, MBBS, Class of 2020

  • I had a pleasant time working with my experienced and professional consultant who gave me the necessary tips, pointers and confidence to structure my personal statement for success.

    Gus, Queen Mary University of London, LLB, Class of 2019

  • The interview coaching services have helped me to improve my confidence and interview skills. This will not only help me in the school application, but also in other general interviews. The advice and pointers given were extremely helpful.

    Jane (pseudonym), Nanyang MBA, Class of 2018

  • I have been given an interview opportunity within 20 days, after my application. And been confirmed acceptance to school's 2014-2015 program the very next day after the interview.

    I thank the assistance given from Aureus consulting for that. They guided me through the application process and I managed to finish what usually needed 4-6 month's procedure within 1 month's time.

    Aureus helped me understand my strengths and guided me with the best approach toward the application. Together with the coaching on essay, reference letter and interview made my experience a pleasant and successful one.

    Simon, Nanyang MBA, Class of 2016

  • The university consultation services I received from Aureus has provided me with excellent insight into the chaotic application process, allowing me to place my best foot forward and leverage my relevant work and academic experience. After multiple consultation sessions with my admissions consultant, I developed a clearer picture of how to express myself in order to be a better fit for the colleges I was applying to.

    To make the experience even better, my admissions consultant was always friendly, forthcoming and patient in advising me throughout the application process and this helped me to create fantastic statements of purpose that are both personal and well-written.

    Sarah Tei, Columbia University Master's of Education, Class of 2014

  • I have learned a lot from these consulting sessions. I received tips on how to improve my resume, cover letter and interview to increase my chances of successfully getting a job. I have enjoyed this experience very much. The consultant is helpful and friendly and is always willing to give assistance. 

    Pei Pei, Career Coaching

  • Initially, I enrolled in Aureus Consulting without much expectations, thinking it would merely help clarify uncertainties I had regarding the application process. However, not only was I able to have a smooth sailing application journey, but through increased interactions and personal attention from my consultant, I was able to boost my confidence and re-evaluate myself and my passions, enabling me to pick the most relevant field of study best suited for me. I’m glad I chose Aureus Consulting.

    Y. J. Lim, Precise Package + Interview Coaching


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